Aviation Repair Station

The ARS© was designed for aviation repair stations from input received by aviation repair stations to help these stations grow their business. ARS© is not an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution or accounting package that has been modified to fit a repair stations’ needs, but a complete solution, specifically designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve performance, and maximize productivity We have designed ARS© to be the complete aviation repair station software solution.

Aviation Repair Station started with the needs of a one shop and over the past ten years has developed the technology to support the expanding needs of a growing company. Working with an individual avionics shop, a weld shop, a composite shop and a prop shop, Internal-Net has designed Aviation Repair Station for the specific needs of these companies and integrated new technologies and processes as the companies grew their business. The belief that a company should not have to conform to the software, but the software should conform to the company’s needs has been the driving force behind the creation of Aviation Repair Station.

Easily installable and user-friendly, ARS© will get your technicians off the computer and on the shop floor doing what they do best. In enforcing the belief that the software should work for you, not the other way around. With just an internet connection we can help you install the software to fit your specific needs. You’re an expert in your business, not programming or accounting. Easily customizable reports, rules and forms means you don’t need an IT degree to make the software work for your organization, and you don’t have to recreate or redesign the forms you already use to run your business.